Cubanos is a photographic piece that gives a voice to people that I met on a road trip around Cuba. Everything started from the choice of representing only the sensible reality, avoiding any reference to the idealistic construction of it. I dealt with the phenomena of vision and I tried to reproduce the optical sensation with the highest fidelity possible. The use of extreme flash on my moving subjects assisted this outcome delivering termless instants.

From the point of view of poetic, Cubanos enhance the over all feeling of the fleeting moments and, thanks to the power of colours and light, acquire that touch of needed realism. Cubanos seem indifferent to escape to idyllic worlds, both rural and mythical; instead there is a stated desire to immerse themselves fully in the reality of those places to highlight all the positive and enjoyable aspects. My subjects seem to reveal awareness of their presence through my photos and with my photos they reciprocate empathic emotions.


All images © Carlotta Destro. All rights reserved.