Drawing of a Cosmos is a journey into Eva’s memories. Eva is the notorious icon of the feminine soul. She brings us back into the origin of the human myth.The set of photos transports us back in time into a haunting mysterious play. Eva is jumping into her own shadow; she is looking for human consciousness. She is hunting for beauty to rise up and unconsciously she knows that she has to taste it to find it tasty.All photos are seeking for inner feelings, which take part in the mysterious play of life. Life is pleasant to watch, the Garden of Eden is her playground.She is trapped into fearful place; the gate becomes the reason of her sense of isolation and disharmony. She, like a heroes, defies the human condition to open up new forms of perceptions.Was she a woman who ought to desire damnation?The hazard of eating the forbidden fruit may find its own explanation in simply opening the senses to the human condition.


All images © Carlotta Destro. All rights reserved.