Tread_on_Tree is an artwork that was shaped during my permanence in the lands where my ancestors had lived.

A summer I decided to create my genealogic tree and my main focus was on the female figures, as I wanted to find Eva of my tribe. The collection of the photos is the documentation of my adventures in these lands and it shows the first approach with my past. These lands are different from where I was born as my grandmother, who is 92, has migrated from one region to another. My mother shares with her the same origins, but when she was 14 she moved where I got into the world. I visited the country anew.

The process of getting information out from Town Halls, Churches and Libraries was incredible, as humans have always left trance of themselves in somehow. Moreover, nature offers the most authenticable proof of all. A seed is a beginning and it reminds us that everything has an origin, it contains everything it needs. What we must do is to protect it because this tiny thing can transform into something enormous.

This personal project would like to reflect on the human chain of life that never stops and what is taken from the past is semi-proportional to what is given to the future. 


All images © Carlotta Destro. All rights reserved.